Wednesday, 12 June 2013

The Complete Pancake

Complete Pancake
Dangerous as a pancake

In Four Synonyms & A Syllogism

Complete Pancake
Blind as a pancake

Serving #1: Driving like a pancake!

Pull over, puddin'ead! This lane is for grown-ups with licences. Got an engine in that box, have we? Strewth, I've seen car bombers with more Highway Code.

Complete Pancake
Right as a pancake

Serving #2: As fat as a pancake!

Q: I say, I say, I say... did you know sugar contains as much as 90% water?
A: No, mate, your knickers are over your head there. Sugar contains 100% sugar.

Complete Pancake
Hot as a pancake

Serving #3: Room to toss a flipping pancake!

Talk about the low ceilings in Hobbiton, have you seen the chandeliers in the Brighton Pavvy? Dripping with them!

Complete Pancake
Daft as a pancake

Serving #4: A pancake by any other name...

…would taste as bland, pass the honey, Lemon!

Complete Pancake
Bent as a pancake

Serving #5: All good pancakes come to an end.

Ah, this one is over! So what good will come of it?

Sock Puppeteer
High as a pancake

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