Saturday, 1 February 2014

Battlefield 5

Preview Only
Preview Only

bed time militias don't feel safe unless
in danger teeing off at breaking links
patriot missives from hollowood stars
for atmosphere it's past between the wars
of rich hobos much grumbling in the ranks
say yellow brick roads to they shall not pass

whoever saw the preacher ride his ass
through Babel gates held down by hover tanks
just watch as their best minds trip on the shores
while all they pack are fuel deficient cars
free transfat food and taste disposal sinks
that put no end to the godawful mess

behold the nation gave the humble sting
a new decade of life drove out the king

headphones on kids & family guys play
silence shake this floor of the building
drive little pony wagon circles
back to the furniture of the West
get thee face paint protection witness
back up the nursery bedknobs &
broomsticks for muskets sandbags pillows
c'mon you zombie hides we is ready

boy do those death jackets run us close
thrown out their god with the dishwasher
how many lives you had Bud got one
shucks they sure keep surging round for more
no Ma'am bedtime ain't due till we're through
Pa's turn to do the fort anyhow

yes sir game never starts till it's over
dead men on sticks don't fumble at the catch
aiming sightless becomes the blind rover
for he who dips his oar dares a re-match

point the way Methuselah won't delay
yr welcome any time you want take off
players the umpire called peace is gay
hand ball clean bowled or side-lined at the cuff

links and flog a laugh from the derrières
of horse's rights go diva saddle up
Pompey call off duty pillow fighters
dream on suicide storm in stirrup cup 

ain't those death flirts left you sleepy at all
sonny boy no girl throw that dicey ball

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