Wednesday, 27 January 2016

monster assortment

i) monsters

ii) the coke rat

iii) the hep cat

iv) the moon sea king mole

v) the landed eel

vi) pigmy elephant
& mammoth mouse

vii) the elf of Delf

viii) the duke horse merchant

ix) the cagey bee

x) sharkeater

xi) deepfrog

xii) electric bats in Hoylake
& West Kirby

monster assortment


there are creatures
caught in the net
you glimpse their faces
shadows flickering
like trompe d'oeil
working scheming & set
against our life style
monsters surround us


the coke rat
being marsupial
as soon as it's born
crawls up a fella's nose

safely inside
stays 5-10 years
collecting 60s porn
& celebrity panty-hose


the hep cat
walks upright
wears Wellingtons
made of Indian rubber

moonlights in
fish restaurants
sans Michelin stars
dines on cordon blubber


the moon seek king mole
puts shades on at night
takes pictures of holes
kinda looks outta sight

who knows where he goes
nosing high talking low
does he soak in the flow
or blow dry with the fly


the landed eel
or windsurf snake
with its Timex Oyster
is a nose-balancing fake

but don't ask for the time
as it winds up yr drive
just behave & smile
for Madam's sake


the pigmy elephant dive
bombs airfields drives
daft tanks & murders
the beats of beasts

but the mammoth mouse
overturns its worst
shedding catloads
of worser verse


the elf
of Delf
has got

so starry
he's tar &


the duke horse merchant is
as always on the loose
& trailing screws

accrued fantasy blows
he from his bellows
hoof art's genius


the cagey bee lands
on a prickled lobe
of its cackled ass
& oh how ridiculous

his galosh knee cough
spews honey & lemon
while a gypsy mouth
licks it off in heaven


a predator's predator
swept through rivers
scooping up fresh water
sharks with its jaw-jaws

bring back the spindoctorsaurus
& her deep sea cousin who
so far has eluded all our
attempts at their reincarnation


in the words of deepfrog

frack in hell mate
you playing at Bogart again

few are might ah suggest
reeling in the years a bit
on account of yr elf

an cut in dan on a fags


electric bats in Hoylake & West Kirkby

first period PE followed by geography
then French & the long queue for lunch

for do
unto others as you would have them do unto you

regard this empty box its purpose unclear
though oddly shaped for what it contains

there is no question certain types of bat don't
spend their days hanging upside down in caves