Saturday, 1 October 2016

Talking about Stuff

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imbroglio in camera

your Möbius stripper's bent for leather
starts over the top with a frock walk out
socks that are rolled off & tossed one by one

a bodice it takes eight bars to unhook
& a bra jammed on the never never
how clever wedged between her toggled tits

& high kicks of shaved stroke unshaven bits
back she's flipped via where's Ms Cutie gone
to the Jeune Femme Se Poudrant of Seurat

or Madame Récamier by Magritte
but no way is she dissing you José
this stripper's loop is only half the fun

the crux of her métier is just when
she's done with undressing it's your turn son

Johann Liss (1597-1631) - the Fall of Phaeton c. 1624 (detail)

Arcadian photometry

gracing the cinders of our stately pile
sits a phaeton coupé on two max planks
who would guess the era we're talking in

anyroad Gaia time to take a ride
get the sweat foaming on Poseidon's flanks
& see how Helios rates her tail spin

you may say such a reckless enterprise
burning up the heavens on empty tanks
will surely end underground in Berlin

but who the hell are we to be so wise
sat on our hands & gathering no thanks
while there are insurance forms to fill in

so launch this solar crate over the side
leave the field behind & score some air miles

any old don rum puss

asymmetrically opposed as we are
to paying out protection insurance
my zero intolerance policy

is don't ask for votes on their resistance
cheers is all we're calling in home grown chaw
meanwhile let's get on with this vacancy

wanted a dude to dis-rail the status
quo with an AC/DC gears riff
that rocks rolls & has sex please but no drugs

who in hell would stay permanently stiff
pumping seed money into Persian rugs
came clean through the sixties without a truss

saying which now we're all back on the bus
clip that joint by the corner slowly Gus