Tuesday, 1 November 2016

a dog's brexit

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all but one man cried
there at Upper Creek
not a paddle to your name

Montage of Chuck Connors in “Branded” (1965)


branded a lad insane
what can you do with your brexit
when your life will remain

you were put in charge
of the cavalry
but you had no horse to ride

Traditional May Dance


fed up with foreign food
what can you have for your brexit
when you're not in the mood 

in your neighbourhood
you had many friends
now you are on your own

Cordial Intent?


shunned by the rich & poor
what can you say when your brexit
is a warning to all

now your former friends
have forgotten you
no more partying with them

Brexit at Hopper's?


drinking alone at the bar
what will become of your brexit
when they know who you are

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