Thursday, 1 December 2016

Trump l'oeil

Trump l'oeil
Wink! Wink!

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ye shall go to the ball

strike my overweight gambler's ass
just admitted to a love for
crass & out pops true blue Buttons

no use denying that mutton
dressed as lamb ain't back it's over
due a Casey Jones' freight train crash

Cinders fetch your sisters' sashes
Prince is risen white bejabbers
old Aunt Twacky's' cure for bunions

2 hot dogs in glassy onions
socks it to rubber soled slippers
we'll show them who's got the most class

grand folks of good European
stock make all the world a difference

Not Titus Oats?


Rise & Fall of the Demagogues
a soapbox opera in three acts
explores the trope that demi-gods
rule the world in post-Warsaw packs

rated less for its music than
sexplicit narco violence
& a plot like a mugger's plan
the piece requires an audience

stand & deliver disbelief
their utter credibility
screeched in descants of leitmotif

until starved of tragic relief
they choke on the tricky candy
of a not divine comedy

Drop In, Tune Out

one great hood to another

aboard the admirable Kuznetsov
let's shoot the breeze on deck before take off
with a heart to heart in white noise old sport

all this putting to sea in jerrycans
& flying off by the seat of one's pants
tut-tut Squire warplanes do get broken

yes kill the dirty rebs but civilians
will pay top zealotys for protection
that said with deep respect you know the art

of war like charity begins at home
from Chagos to Ascension foreign ports
cost ten times more to insure than to own

so keep afloat & leave less dudes wrapped in
concrete overcoats on the ocean floor

* Super Bonus Pome *

great tits

dwelling in a grey area right now
not just because the harvest's done & pairs
of them come popping through the morning light

they forage in our rusting foliage
their yellow throats left open in blue black
overcoats as the browned off fig leaves fall

been some days since I posted the t-word
as much for a rhyme as any sense made
when I've heard some folks find tits offensive

it's not a term I choose to utter much
would prefer she's got great ones only meant
there are wonderful birds in her garden

well here's my Donald Trump for exposing
mine on a striptease sonnet so sorry

Sock Puppets Now In Slippers