Friday, 20 January 2017

Trumpy McTrumpetface

Trumpy McTrumpetface

Trumpy McTrumpetface

in auguration of

when he frowned it was upon some frogs
not his friends for he was mean with odds
demanded loyalty from bed nobs
give him a chance

he's the people's choice their homey voice
karaoke's turn to run the place
listen to sense so what if there's vice
give cheese a chance

from beauty pageants to golf resorts
thru malls bouncy castles & now walls
Trumpy McTrumpetface pulls in hordes
save him this dance

on the scaffold he makes a great face
if he's the last trump what's all the fuss
did we kill the first who made a fist
send him to France

no let's give him an auspicious launch
listen to the band enjoy the lunch
there'll be time to cheer & time to lynch
given the chance

(Archie Locost)

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