Monday, 24 April 2017

The First Hundred Years

as posted on... the Cheese Wall of America

mad dogs & other men

by TS Idiot 


when the soul of Hamlet's father
haunting the walls at Elsinore
told the prince of his murderer

what Tudor audiences saw
in that ancient tale of brother
hate was fable enshrined in law

Cain & Abel in other words
though Hamlet's vengeance is perverse
to be or not to be he hurls

equivocations at the curse
from Yorick's skull a flock of birds
flies out to stay his hand from worse

but the mad dog of revenge is no more
than brother Seti killed Osiris for

with the entry of the French Horns
in the scherzo of Beethoven's
Eroica the world was told

sit up & have a care to hold
on to your pants Napoleon's
armies will drain the swamp of crowned

heads & the dogs who scraped & fawned
but Ludwig scratched to a great MAN
on the manuscript's outer fold

where Bonaparte was once writ bold
for as emperor the new plan
was replaced by the old reformed

& still like men to hounds those horns are heard
wherever music lovers have gathered

they may not be the choicest words
used by an emperor elect
sorry scratch that for precedent

but the style of all his content's
appropriate in this respect
on TV nothing sounds absurd

pure & simple was the contest
arcane the process what the heck
goes with the territory learn

from his example the intern
has four years to triumph or wreck
& this candidate was the best

mad dog sir it was the name that swayed it
mad dog yes he's the best mad dog he's great
Down Boy!

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