Sunday, 7 May 2017

My Potty Political Statement

So what do you get for your Brexit?

Cut to the crap
You get what you deserve.

In the 2014 elections for the European Parliament, the UK Independence Party (UKIP) increased their number of MPs from 13 to 24; which made them the number 1 UK party, with nearly a third of the 73 seats. The turnout was only 35.6%.

By letting UKIP dominate at the polls, the message the people of the UK were sending to the Europe Union was basically Bog Off. Anyone who has watched TV the antics of UKIP's MPs in the European Parliament should agree. The UK dissed the European Union to such an extent that had it been any other kind of club, she would simply have been bounced out - never mind given leave to slink off.

Actually, it's fair to question whether the UK ever wanted to be in a union of European states. In the 1975 referendum, the Brits were only asked if they wanted to stay in the European Economic Community (still known as The Common Market). There was some dissent, but generally they were OK with the EEC: the result was a respectable Yes (67% on a turnout of 65%). But what if the question back then had been Do you think the United Kingdom should become a member of a Union of European States? rather than Do you think the United Kingdom should stay in the European Community (the Common Market)?”? Would the UK have voted YES to having a European Parliament?

Of course, many of us would have preferred if the UK had remained in 2016. We should have stayed and fought for common sense and a return to the pleasant neighbourhood of the old Marche Commune – not some creeping federal system that mostly benefits big money, international corporations and the hegemony of a sinister Franco-German axis. But now the UK has voted out - by 52% on a turnout of 72% - the time has come to accept what the majority has decided for us. All progressives – remainers included – need to get behind our leader, Jeremy Corbyn, and fight for a fair and mutually beneficial withdrawal from this Union of European states.
Vote Labour!

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