Monday, 2 April 2018

Saint Gary of Old Ham: "Winston, a working class blooming hero".

Oldster, nominated for Gallipolli, the Farce that Sank a Thousand Ships quipped at the ceremony, “Winston weren't arf a toff, Ee were a quiet American, on the snide. Not many people know that. Look at his Coal Standard. Sorted the pension. Bricklayer on his days off. Robbed tailors for a living. Won twice at the Dutch Oscars, once for Best Picture (a waterpic of Dunquirk Sands) then again for Best of British Luck...

Gags "Uncanny" as Briggs
Prize Winner
I'd like to accept this award on behalf of the survivors of the Lusitania, who put the Titanic to shame. God bless 'em. Winston, may your spirit level the field. A democrat from his white spats to his cocked hat.”