Friday, 1 June 2018

The War on Cheese

Have it for breakfast?

to be continued

anyone can be like a hero
in the war on cheese you stick your hands
up & turn round to face the window
wave for the fans

don't repeat yourself too often try
wearing clothes or pose without a gun
photo ops is all now don't be shy
shine like the son

easy does it you could get to like
living like this even like gold fish
are obeyed in office just think pike
make like a wish

that's the ticket what I said about
repetition may not have been true
always leave like little room for doubt
red's the new blue

well we gotta get back on the bus
see you later son look after Mom
hey no tears you know I hate that fuss
see you anon

dried leaf smoking

catch us on netwits
singing for your suffer
yep yep yep the yah-yahs have it
revel in our elephant
cheapskate faceaches
flaunted on Suckerbook
swinging wicker basket loads
chokka low-hanging likes
desiccated shred
& sold down the river
by young sharks
in seersucker suits

the black princess

not the only Yank to wed a prince
Kelly Grace & Simpson Mrs both
took their chance on royalty got pinched
swearing the oath

what is with these Boston tea part nymphs
don't they know it's wrong to be aloof
join the team that conjures kings of wimps
fiddlers off roofs

moths will fly to candle flames it seems
bright their wings that flutter into plumes
smoke & mirrors quoth the mother queen
humming a tune

loathe to spoil her wedding anyway
divorcees deserve a second chance
give her time to come up with the babes
on with the dance

maybe Meg will start a dynasty
folks of colour rush to windy stops
take a break from the land of the free
top of the pops

not another episode

Marlowe doesn't run to series two
Faust dismembers on the mightnight stroke
good detective helps the boys in blue
winding up broke

happy or not the ending remains
sacred drama follows arcane rules
blondes are gently pistol-whipped in chains
run out of fools

kisses are exchanged their eggs get boiled
hard at least that's how his words come out
coffee stained the fog of danger oiled
well not a sprout

struts & frets a little large the stage
set for shootouts though some kindness there
humour twists the plot is off the page
blood's in the air

Marlowe's world of black & white repeats
vice & blackmail as spectator sports
murder every Sunday morning beats

beauties with warts

Don't say it!

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