Wednesday, 1 August 2018

more flat earth

flat foot?
An Archie Locost
Pretentious Photo
Caption Contest

flat beer?
paralytic games

people send off the clowns if you please
had enough of spectacles these wise
eyes ain't seen seen much glory referees
look at their dives

politics should learn 2 things from sport
skill & stamina outweigh the pricks
lucky breaks don't count so much as more
training less tricks

secondly enforce the ban on dope
no performance is enhanced by words
slurred to mean another thing the trope
song's for the birds

having got that off my chest it's mad
let me tell you being president
beats all other fairground rides I've had
here's what I meant

winning out against the toughest odds
coming first instead of feeling last
being king in every field at once
that's all I ask

flat food?
 guilt trap

flies supposed to drop in heat like this
toddlers on their hols get more relaxed
every morning swob them by the doz
stabbed in the backs

house no name for fly my home not sweet
death to those who think they've found their manse
pay with life the one-way entrance fee
all for a dance

hospitality's an idle lark
those who can't respect my rule are out
sorry chums I'm normally far less dark
put that light out

chortling in the face of charity
pumkin god on plonk I squash your bums
anywhere just ain't the place to be
off with your thumbs

sod the karma let my spirit die
throttle it at death don't let me off
tell me when my time is up to fly
you've had enough

flat in Waterloo?

little Montenegro Gatsby's gong
donor musta smarted when the Don
shoved their leader Markovich aside
who's on whose side

now it seems a third world war could break
out on Montenegro's sole account
all for one & one for all as stakes
thanks for the shout

Gatsby btw as president
Jordan Baker ok Sec of State
old Wolfshiem running a great defence
Daisy on skates

with the likes of Montenegro though
John you've gotta call the other's shots
no alliance can rely on just
its teeny tots

if we gonna go to war or not
atom bombs novichok all that stuff
gotta spook these neo commie plots
time to get tough

flat earth
never flat!

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